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summer job que pasa

This whole search process is giving me a headache. Hmm
It'd be nice to live in the Bay Area with friends for the summer. :/



TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE! my head is about to explode because this violates my (cynical but justified) idea that profit is absolutely the bottom line of any public corporation, even formerly well-meaning technology startups. unbelievable! I now feel... hopeful? hopeful! the very first basic thing that any decent rabble-rousing pro-democrazy organization needs is a way to securely communicate and organize... and Google really might provide them just that! (if the Chinese government doesn't kick them out of the country entirely)

Madre! I didn't think anyone would have the balls to stand up to China! (except Taiwan, but a big point of Taiwan's existence is to be a living pain in the ass for China)

I've never kept it secret that I'm frankly terrified of the Chinese Communist Party and their sneaky smart authoritarian pragcapitalistic ways. This gives me ... a little hope that China will eventually be pressured by both internal and external forces to move towards a more open society.

(hahahah so unlikely, the philippines is going to stop electing corrupt officials first!)


Dear LJ,

It's so close! I can almost taste it. The ultimate in delicious noodle-items, Hong Kong's Crystal Jade Restaurant's Dan Dan Mien. Tasty, spicy, peanuty goodness. OMMMMM. So clooooseee. While I'm dreaming, I'd also love some Cebu lechon. MMMM

Weird, my family has never ever made dumplings at home. I only notice now because it seems like every ABC and Mainlander I know knows how to fold dumplings and talks about how they do that at home. Oh well, dumplings are really tasty! I shall return home and bring dumpling-making back to Casa Sy!!!


meme time!

*Take a picture of yourself now.
* Don't change your clothes.
* Don't fix your hair.
* Just take a picture.
* Post that picture with no editing. (Except maybe to get the image size down to something reasonable. Don't go posting and eight megapixel image.
* Include these instructions

snip! for photoCollapse )

I'm hiding in the stats lab. hiding from life, dinner and boys, though I'm going to stop hiding from dinner about now.


Hey guys so I went completely cold turkey on caffiene starting Thanksgiving break and then today, I thought, oh I have such a nice slice of pumpkin cheesecake let me have some coffee to go with it! and then I had a big big mug of coffee and now I think my heart is going to give out. (JUST KIDDING) That would be bad because I can't do CPR on myself so there.

what what and I bought Christmas gifts for my sibs that are fun, unique and mentally stimulating because as much as I love them sometimes I think of them as long-term psychological projects that need care and molding. AWWWWW I feel happy and warm when I imagine them growing up to be uberwomen (and uberman). Did I mention that Stu and Aud just won Gold Medals in Philippine math competitions? too bad Stu would really just rather be playing video games and Audrey's probably going to rebel by like going to art and fashion school. AH WELL, as long as he doesn't grow up to be Steven and she never does drugs right?

communication explosion!

I've been a hermit for the last week, and realized that talking to the same two people counts for for over 80% of my human interaction, which believe me, was quite minimal this week! Wah, they are cool people, but I think I actually spent 3 days out of 7 not talking to a single human who knew me. It was ab-ZURD. One of those days I spent sleeping and reading. One of those days I spent in San Jose for no real reason (I got on a train, it was fun!) One of those days, I lost.

Oh LJ, I didn't even email or tweet or post or write letters. Woe!

Metaphor time!
It's like I've been eating incredibly greasy food and soda for the last month, and today I realized that I was sick unto death of eating grease. So for lunch I ate rice with grilled chicken and had a nice fresh watermelon shake.
(^ ^)b yeah metaphors!

so today I actively sought out company, talked to many many different people and made 'catch up' dates with 4 people. I spammed twitter, crushed my mental email backlog, and seriously, I'm posting on LJ right now. Go me!

Hmmm. Also, I'd like to apologize to those people who I openly laughed at for having drama in their lives. It does actually suck when it happens to you. :P


silveraristotle came to visit me over break! It was a chilly day, and she came roaring down Palm Drive in a beat up car driven by her Pinoy cousins. oh yeah pinoy driving! (disclaimer: I drive like a Pinoy in Manila.)

We made and ate dinner, walked to and from Palo Alto in the RAIN (i'm so sorry man, I would never have suggested it if I knew it was going to rain :/) , and went on an epic quest for baked goodies.

Then she left! So Will, Steven, Shuq and I commenced our awesome Margarita Rock Band Party! It was most excellent. We got Steven drunk enough to sing Gay Bar, which he scored 100% at.

Gay Bar is amazing and totally absurd. bbs i love it!

Absurd==hilarious always returns true!

It made my day, nay my week. Shuq was practically crying with laughter. I wonder how drunk we'll have to get him to pull a repeat performance? Yes, ply the young innocent boys with drink muahaha! except I would not, in fact, tap that. Just sayin'

Today, I am mimicing Vivek's speech patterns, because he has amazing speech patterns. Many of you should meet Vivek.

My dream is to one day be awesome enough that I can arrange for ALL my friends to come to a party that I'll host! I firmly believe that all my friends are awesome people, and that awesome people should get along with other awesome people!! Plus, it's going to be a great party hosted on my private island.

lol is this true?!

Is "omg here let me make you a mix cd of awesome music" sometimes code for "omg i really like you here let me express it through song"?

because if it's true, that's very very funny. Personally I'd prefer it expressed to me via interpretive dance.

Also, the light drizzling, has turned a little heavier. Not enough for people to bring out the umbrellas, but enough to push me to migrate upstairs to the bean bags so I have a nice view of the front of Green and the Phallic Tower. Woah, we've got a lot of tour groups going around campus today. 3 walked by Green in the last 5 minutes. Huh, application season.


I would like to live in my own little fantasy world... except it wouldn't be very surprising and it'd get pretty boring after a while because it's well, all limited to the insides of my own head.

lol, i accidentally took a stack of post-its from the d.school. I was rummaging for post-its inside my bag and I found this stack that's a really pretty marbled deep blue that I don't remember buying. I might not give it back because the d.school is BURIED in post-its. I swear, they must fund a research arm of 3M or something, almost every surface of the school is covered in post-its of varying shapes and colors. 

halloween 2010

A bunch of us went to the Haunted House(s) at Fremont. It might be more accurate to say Haunted Exhibits, but semantics aside, they were awesome. The insane asylum and Carnevil ones made Mai and I scream a lot, but I've got awesome ideas on how to shoot horror movie sequences now. Strobe lights in a smoked up room full of hanging multi-colored foam tubes and a KILLER CLOWN hiding inside was a fucking epic genius shit scary idea!!! :D

The night before I was at ASES retreat and there was Taboo and alcohol and a game of Mafia we lost by a hair. Thankfully this year I woke up next to the people I fell asleep against. 

~~ EDIT EDIT morning of Nov 1

Why am I awake so early? Head hurts and I didn't even have anything to drink last night! Oh wait, right, Mass. Going to sleep at 5am (6 counting daylight savings) after talking nonsense and life philosophy with Steven, Chris and Wesley was a terrible idea. pain pain pain.

~~ Edit after mass afternoon of Nov 1

Woah everyone had such awesome halloweens. I feel like I need to go out and get wasted more while I still have license to act like that.... or not. Sometimes I wish I was a man. I wouldn't have to worry so much about control and safety and crap. Plus, I'd get automatically more respect and be taken more seriously. Plus plus, I can act dumb and like a complete jackass with fewer repercussions. :P

Dammit! Next Halloween I'm dressing up as a guy! (Haha, an Asian boy band kind of guy) 

whoooah bad!

My very cool Chinese teacher, who is an author, knows random celebrities and is a sweet guy, just (very nicely) told me off for being an underperforming slacker prone to careless errors! 

How did he notice? I'd better start studying properly for his class. :P


<cry MOAR you slacker!>  Summit is so balaagh. It's so bad that my vocab has degenerated. I want Hwee to come back now so she can be the responsible lead director. </cry MOAR you slacker!>